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Welcome to BION Systems

We are specialists in preventing legionella through the use of technology and control equipment. Here at BION Systems, we are proud of our dynamic team that has brought legionella and other microbial control in aqueous environments into the 21st century.

BION Systems pioneered ‘proportional dosing’ of Copper-Silver for disinfection purposes. We are at the forefront of this industry because we are continually evolving the technology. Copper-Silver disinfection is the safest and least expensive method of control. More importantly, our technology is the most reliable method of legionella and other microbial control.

Our scalable Copper-Silver ionisation equipment can be used for microbial control in any environment, from domestic to large-scale industrial applications. It is designed to be effective even in heavily colonised environments and ensures reliable protection from pathogens under harsh, real life conditions. It provides on-going, long term disinfection for total peace of mind. This technology is not limited to the control of legionella only. Salmonella, E.Coli and a plethora of other microorganisms can be controlled with Copper-Silver Ionisation.

World Leaders in
Legionella Prevention

Australian Owned

Fully Australian owned and operated, BION Systems Pty Ltd uses a best practice approach, state of the art technology and extensive in-house research to create innovative and powerful water treatment and non-chemical water disinfection solutions that are rated best in class by industry experts.

Save Water

As we live on the driest continent on this planet, we understand the need to save water, therefore designing systems that can help to save enormous amounts of water and prevent pollution in cooling tower, industrial process, potable water and many other applications.

Reduce Chemical Pollutants

Using a traditional and completely natural method of disinfection, our product range reflects our ongoing commitment to our environment and the planet on which we live. Thus, there is no dependency on harsh chemical pollutants that cause health hazards and reduce the lifespan of your pipe work.

Our Key Values

We are committed to our customer’s success. Amongst our diverse customer base are leading public health care facilities across Australia, government agencies, military, small and medium sized businesses, private households, agricultural facilities.