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Legionella Prevention Equipment

Who in your organisation is responsible in case the unthinkable happens – a Legionella Outbreak?

If you are in the line of fire in case of a Legionella outbreak, you want to make sure that this never happens!!

Watch this short 1 minute clip and if any of its contents apply to you, you are at risk

Legionella poses a big risk to any organisation that manages their facilities. This risk is even bigger in case of sensitive places such as hospitals, medical and aged care facilities.

Our scalable Copper/Silver ionisation equipment can be deployed for microbial control from domestic to large scale industrial applications. It is designed to be deployed even in heavily colonised environments and ensures reliable protection from pathogens even under harsh “real life” conditions. It provides residual disinfection for total peace of mind. This is not limited to Legionella only. Think of Salmonella, E.Coli and other nasties, our technology has you covered and mitigates the risks, it can even help to avoid spreading gastroenteritis. Watch this more in depth video to see how the technology works and talk to us today

MLC – Monitoring, Logging and Correction

Our MLC (Monitoring, Logging & Correction) capabilities can be offered as stand alone package or coupled to our disinfection or aerospace wash bay equipment for 100% peace of mind.

Foam Applicators

Industrial grade range of products, originally designed for aerospace washing but well suited to any cleaning task. Can be shipped from the factory preset and calibrated for use with colloidal cleaners from our partner organisation Eco2000 Pty Ltd.

Ultra-Pure Deionised Water Products

Unique equipment in a range of sizes to deliver extremely high quality water suited to many demanding applications.

wash bay

Water Testing Equipment

Bion Water Synergetics is a reseller of high quality water chemistry test equipment.


Our services cover a variety of areas such as
Aircraft Wash Bay design and washing procedures
Water chemistry analysis
Sewage Treatment Plant servicing

Reduce chemical pollutants

Using a traditional and completely natural method of disinfection, our product range reflects our ongoing commitment to our environment and the planet on which we live. Thus, there is no dependency on harsh chemical pollutants that cause health hazards and in addition reduce the lifespan of your pipe work.

Save Water

As we live on the driest continent on this planet, we understand the need to save water, therefore designing systems that can help to save enormous amounts of water and pollution in cooling tower, industrial process, potable water and many other applications.


Australian Owned

Fully Australian owned and operated, BioN Water Synergetics Pty Ltd uses a best practice approach, state of the art technology and extensive in-house research to create innovative and powerful water treatment and non-chemical water disinfection solutions that are rated best in class by industry experts.